Landlord & Tenant Board

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We advise our clients with matters before the Landlord and Tenant Board – with a focus on assisting property owners with difficult tenancies, and for tenants with serious maintenance defects, harassment and/or reasonable enjoyment issues.

If your interests are not properly represented at the hearing you may have to begin the process again.  We can assess any matter already before the Landlord and Tenant Board and provide advice on the best strategy.

We have the experience and expertise to deal with all kinds of LTB grievances – including but not limited to:

  • Unpaid rent or regular late payments
  • Rental property damage from tenants
  • Professional negligence by property managers
  • Harassment, privacy, and/or reasonable enjoyment issues
  • Property maintenance and safety concerns
  • Illegal rental rate hikes and deposits
  • Wrongful evictions/not following through with the notice
  • Taking away a service (ex. laundry or pool)

We work with the Landlord & Tenant Board in Ontario on an almost-daily basis, helping clients file claims routinely.

Our expert paralegals have the right skills, experience, and knowledge to assist you. Don’t wait – reach out today and see how we can help!

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